About us

Welcome to Rigardz!

Unlock the power of modern networking with our cutting-edge solution. Our Digital Business Cards revolutionize the way you share your contact information. Say goodbye to traditional paper cards and embrace the convenience of the digital era.

With our user-friendly interface, creating and customizing your Digital Business Card is a breeze. Showcase your unique style and personality while ensuring your information is always up to date and readily accessible.

Effortlessly share your Digital Business Card with anyone, anywhere, at any time. No more searching for physical cards or worrying about running out. Seamlessly exchange contact details with a simple tap or click, making connections quicker and more efficient. Embrace interactivity and leave a lasting impression. Our Digital Business Cards go beyond static information, allowing you to incorporate dynamic elements like clickable links, social media profiles, and multimedia content. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise with style. Experience the benefits of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By going digital, you reduce waste and environmental impact. Plus, updates and changes can be made in real-time, saving you money on printing and reprinting. Join the digital networking revolution today and elevate your professional image. Create your personalized Digital Business Card on our platform, available for iOS, Android, and computer. Make networking effortless, memorable, and future-proof.

About the company

At Digital IBI Technologies, we believe that business cards should be more than just pieces of paper. With Rigardz, we have revolutionized the traditional business card concept, offering a dynamic and interactive platform that brings networking into the digital age.

Our mission is to empower professionals with a seamless and efficient solution for sharing contact information. We strive to provide a user-friendly and customizable platform that simplifies networking processes and enhances personal branding.

At Digital IBI Technologies, we are committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By embracing digital business cards, we contribute to a greener environment by minimizing paper usage and printing waste. Join us in our eco-conscious journey and help create a more sustainable future.

Experience the future of networking with Rigardz, the digital business card app by Digital IBI Technologies. Streamline your networking efforts, make memorable connections, and showcase your professional brand in a modern and interactive way.

Rigardz is designed to be cross-platform, available for iOS, Android, and web users. Seamlessly synchronize your cards across devices and never worry about outdated information again. Real-time updates ensure that your contacts always have access to your latest details.

One of the standout features of Rigardz is its interactivity. Enhance your card with clickable links to your website, social media profiles, or portfolio, allowing recipients to easily explore your digital presence and learn more about your expertise.

With Rigardz, you can go beyond traditional contact details. Embed clickable links to your website, landing pages, or lead capture forms directly in your digital business card. This makes it easy for recipients to engage with your offerings and take action, generating leads directly from your card.

Personalize your digital business card with a compelling call-to-action. Whether it's encouraging recipients to schedule a meeting, subscribe to your newsletter, or download a resource, you can tailor your card to guide prospects towards lead generation activities.

We are excited to have you on board. Sign up for Rigardz today and take your networking to new heights. Connect with confidence, convenience, and creativity with Digital IBI Technologies.